PERIN, History

In 1945, just coming out of the war, in a small rural community being part of the agricultural lands surrounding the city area of Brussels, Fernand Périn, Waterloo resident and passionate by his village, decide to open the first waterloo real estate office.


Waterloo is a land of history, a touristic site at 15km from the capital city, it’s also the countryside, a peaceful and green place, just at the border of the Soignes Forest, in front of the large plains that Victor Hugo made so famous.

There is so much free space, easy transport facilities, tramways and trains, a sound infrastructure, a local administration open to development as well as a local commercial activity that just ask to expand and diversify. So a little business just smoothly starts. The customers were coming in and a fragrance of exodus is in the air, people willingly leave the cities for living elsewhere. On top of that Fernand Périn, deeply knows the men and the area. He gives advice, meets and guides the persons. Solicitors, architects, general contractors know and consider him. His notoriety grows; people are in front of an honest interlocutor, scrupulous, vigilant to the people’s wishes and also a man of his word.

Ten years after, Waterloo expanded with new constructions, streets and avenues just to welcome new residents. It’s time to hand over, Raymond Périn, the son, finished his studies in law and took the business over, opening the doors to a real estate tradition.

In 1973, under his lead, the agency turns over into a limited company and becomes Promotions Et Réalisations Immobilières Nouvelles ¬ P.E.R.I.N. turning from the family name to the name of the company without loosing anything from her personality.

And this came the crazy years… Waterloo wakes up, transforms itself and becomes a real attracting place and a privileged location for the city residents looking for a countryside well equipped to welcome them. The P.E.R.I.N. company contributes to the expansion of the local commerce, spurred by a very active local administration that transformed and modernised itself, the first large shopping places open up, P.E.R.I.N. trades all the commercial shopping places that install, attracting the most representative shops for a select customer base.

The neighbourhoods expand, the subdivisions take form attracting the European Communities officials, the diplomatic staffs, as well as the managers from multinational companies. 150 years after the battle, Waterloo becomes a Little Europe open on the world.

The confidence of the buyers, the close collaboration between the professionals of the real estate activities : solicitors, surveyors, general contractors contribute all together to the notoriety of P.E.R.I.N., based on experience and honesty in a sector particularly sensitive to these two key success factors. This brings a rapid grow of the business and to the diversification of the services. Even if the residential sector stays the main axis of the company, the largest part of the subdivisions and the apartments of Waterloo and surroundings are sold by the company, because they took place thanks to our studies, transactions and all these thousand of small things to think about and do.

The P.E.R.I.N. company has opened since a few years two other locations, one in Braine-L’Alleud and one in Brussels and this under the drive of the son Philippe and since his departure under the one of Raymond Périn, even if since 1999, his other son, Claude, on his turn took over the lead of the agency in Waterloo. So since 3 generations the real estate company P.E.R.I.N. is present and active in the real estate business.