The notoriety of a pioneer

Claude Périn represents the third generation of a pioneer family in the real estate at Waterloo. Even if the reputation of this historical agency is not to be demonstrated anymore, his manager commits himself to perpetuate the family spirit that also makes the force of the company.

The real estate adventure of the family Périn started 65 years in Waterloo. You are like pioneers in this matter ? 

The wording is a little pretentious, but my grandfather effectively succeeded in attracting investors in what was in this time a small rural community. My father took over the management in order to develop the business namely through the creation of new subdivisions but also with new real estate promotions, what is still today one of our main specialities since we commercialise the new projects in Waterloo. Thanks to our longevity and our deep involvement in the local community, our notoriety has never stopped to grow as well as our range of activities. We cover today all market segments : residential properties, commercial estates, offices and new constructions. And this is what makes our strength.
The family spirit – is this really a strength ?
Absolutely ! This implies a total commitment, a seriousness, a transparency and an honesty above all. With a team spirit, welded and voluntary, and a deep sense of all responsibilities implied by our profession. This is why I want that my employees take to heart this idea of family company through an engagement on the long term just like it was their own company. And this is the case. Some of them are at my side since more thant 15 years. This is especially this way that Perin perpetuates and develops her reputation as ideal partner as well for the private owner as for the promoters and general contractors.

An ideal partner, is this also a partner to whom you allow exclusivity ?
This is still very important in my point of view. Having an exclusivity gives me the certitude to be able to work the good in the best possible way, without any interferences. This is also a protection for the vendor. If our contracts are generally proposed for a six months period, this is because we engage to sell the good inside this period of time, by ensuring us that the good is correctly proposed at the effective market price. We perfectly know our market, as well Waterloo, Lasne or Rhode-Saint-Genèse that show the same customer’s profile. With one target : get results quickly.

Are withholding conditions a brake to the sought efficiency ?
It is always a little bit disturbing simply because the consequence can be a blocking of the good. This is why we try to avoid them, or at least to reduce the delay so that the transaction can be more quickly finalised and that the owners may benefit from the sale in the quickest way as possible.

Why did you opened two other agencies in Brussels and Braine-L’Alleud ?
The multiplication of agencies localised at the local communities has forced us to be physically present on markets that have interest for us like the communities in the south of Brussels and the region around Braine up to Tubize, Ittre and the north of Nivelles. With specialised employees on these markets and an identical mindset, Perin spirit obliges…

You also work on Saturdays. Does the Perin spirit also mean a high availability ?
The availability is integral part of the passion we have in our job. The one is worthless without the other. The Perin spirit is an inseparable uniqueness. And we really plan to go forward in this way.